Project Definition


We had a some tasks related to data analysis that were not easy to solve, or practically impossible to solve with KNIME, but RapidMiner offers solution to it. The only problem was, that we had to export the data from KNIME, import the data to RapidMiner, execute the process there, exporting the data, then importing the results back to KNIME and continue processing. This was a quite tedious and possibly errorprone (reading back previous results, ...) process.
We also liked the way we can visualize data in 3D and other options are available, so we decided to include that part in our offering too.
We created this program in Java, but it required slight changes to RapidMiner too.

The Purpose (Mission)

  • Allow execution of RapidMiner processes from KNIME
  • Visualise data within RapidMiner without leaving KNIME
  • Allow editing RapidMiner processes before execution

These are the targets we want to meet

  • Importing KNIME data to RapidMiner process
  • Execution of RapidMiner processes (using KNIME data, or other sources)
  • Send data back to KNIME
  • Include the RapidMiner process editor for the KNIME node configuration
  • Integrate the RapidMiner results view as a KNIME node view
  • Integrate the RapidMiner results view configuration to the KNIME view, so we can automatically generate figures, charts


Update site and user documentation

Project Constraints

The licenses to implement these kind of nodes have to be take into account. It should work on Linux and Windows.