We offer various options to help your business shine:

  • Support

    • giving updates available in RapidMiner
    • find possible solutions for bugs

  • Development

    • develop new features for RapidMiner integration for KNIME
    • eliminate some of the limitations
    • integrate your RapidMiner operators/extensions to KNIME through RapidMiner

  • Commercial licence

How can you help our development of the AGPL version of the RapidMiner integration for KNIME? Well, you can
  • say hello to us, recommend our product, explain your use case, spread your satisfaction,
  • buy one of our products,
  • donate by buying AGPL licence from us for a price you can afford (yeah, you can get it for free); What you get in exchange?
    • Better documentation
    • Example workflows
    • New developments
Please contact us if you are interested in one of our products, or just want to tell what do you need, what do you miss from RapidMiner integration for KNIME.