You can set the location of the RapidMiner installation, so you can use your RapidMiner extensions.
The current version is based on RapidMiner 5.2.

RapidMiner node

  • Load data from RapidMiner datasources
  • Load preexisting processes
  • Load data (Int, Double or String values; from up to 4 inports) from KNIME (but inside RapidMiner node you can use other data formats too)
  • Check the correctness of the process (typing errors, ...)
  • Populate possible options where possible inside the configurator (like column names, ...)
  • Execute the RapidMiner process, this can include IO (files, or network communication)
  • Give the resulting ExampleSets (the purple circles) as a result to KNIME (up to 4 outports)
  • Include the KNIME row ids as a column on demand (so Highliting is possible around RapidMiner)

RapidMiner viewer node

  • Load data (Int, Double or String values) from KNIME
  • Visualize using the various plotters available in RapidMiner
    • You can use the various option available on the RapidMiner result's view interface
    • You can save the figures